Power BI in Mumbai

Power BI Course in Mumbai & Pune

If you are looking for new career opportunity and are not much aware of the recent trends, do give a thought about doing Power BI. Even if you are just a graduate student or a working professional, you can definitely learn Power BI and build your career in this field. Go through the following details of this course and make your decision of a great career.

Concept of Power BI

Power BI is a platform for business intelligence from Microsoft. It is similar to Microsoft Excel in terms of user interface but is an advanced integration with Microsoft?s other products. This software helps to search and analyse the data collected from different sources such as web applications, websites and electronic devices. It is a data analysis platform which can be used with other databases which support SQL.

Who can do Power BI course?

The Power BI course is for any candidate with any background, who has basic knowledge of computer. Candidates who are freshers can also join this course along with the experienced candidates to understand the visualization, analysis and development practices. All graduates, post-graduates, all engineers and working professionals can do this course and build their career in Power BI.

Power BI Course Structure

The structure for this course is designed to learn Power BI with dashboard creation, data visualization and reporting. The major parts covered under this course are as follows

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Data Analysis Expressions
  • Data visualization
  • Custom visualizations
  • Power BI Integration Page and Administration
  • Power BI Embedded
  • Power BI Q&A
  • Data Source Connection and Data Transforming
  • Modelling with Power BI
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Publishing and Sharing Reports

Why to do Power BI Course?

This course helps you to learn all the recent tools and technologies. Being a business intelligence platform, Power BI provides tools for visualizing, analysing, aggregating and reporting the data. During this course, you get training from highly qualified trainers who give knowledge and make you ready for the industry. This course is designed as per the recent trends in the market and the industry requirements. It will give you a better career prospects in future.

Career Opportunities after completion of this course

Power BI is the latest trending skill which is highly mentioned in the ads and demanded in the market. Every business wants to grow with a great speed and it can be achieved with the help of Power BI. It provides the expected data and helps to achieve growth in business. So, every business in the software industry is looking for the Power BI talent. Once you complete this course and work on projects, you will definitely get the best career opportunities for your future.

Why Choose Us?

At Techdatasolutions, we provide the practical and job oriented training with real-time projects. If you are looking for Power BI Course in Pune, or Power BI Course in Mumbai, then Techdatasolutions is the right choice for this course.

Key Features of Our Course such as skill level, course duration, experienced trainers, practical assignments and 24*7 support to the candidates make us a better choice for you. We strive to add value to our candidates and their future career.

Our trainers are our strength. They explain the concepts in easy to understand language for the effective learning. They teach you the concepts through the real-time examples. These trainers are highly qualified with experience and knowledge in their domain.

Last but not the least, we provide complete assistance for placements. We know that the ultimate aim of the candidate is to secure a job and build career. We help you for building career with job assistance after completion of the course.

Exam & Certification for Power BI

Just like the other courses, we at Techdatasolutions, provide certification after the successful completion of Power BI course. The globally accredited Techdatasolutions certification will make you competent for jobs in the industry. With this value addition to your resume, you can secure a better job in various MNCs and build your dream career. To achieve this qualification and certification, you must complete our training and practical based projects.

Assistance for Placements

We understand the importance of job assistance for our candidates. Our assistance begins from making the candidates proficient in performing data transformations, describing desktop modelling, implementing Power BI service, connecting to data stores and describing developer API.

Apart from the proficiency, we carry out various activities for our candidates which make them ready for the industry. We understand the eligibility criteria for various jobs. Accordingly, we provide placement training to all our candidates as per their requirements. We help our candidates with the interview questions and answers.

Resume preparation is another important factor for placements which is explained to candidates at Techdatasolutions. Apart from all these activities, aptitude tests and mock interviews are scheduled for the candidates which help them understand the process.

So, if you are looking for a best career option, join our Power BI course at Techdatasolutions and help yourself build a great career.


Introduction: 1

  • Business Intelligence
  • Self Service Business Intelligence
  • SSBI Tools
  • Power BI vs Tableau vs QlikView
  • What is Power BI
  • Why Power BI?
  • Key Benefits of Power BI
  • Flow of Power BI
  • Components of Power BI
  • Architecture of Power BI
  • Building Blocks of Power BI
  • Question Bank

Introduction: 1:1

  • Introduction to Power BI Preview
  • Download the Training Data Files
  • Introduction to Signing Up for Power
  • Signing up for Power BI Preview
  • Load Data into the Power BI Service
  • Preview
  • Practical Activity

The Power BI Desktop

  • Intro to Power BI Desktop Section
  • Introduction to the Power BI Desktop Preview

Creating Reports in Power BI Desktop:

  • Create Reports in Power BI Desktop
  • Section
  • Creating Tables in Power BI
  • Table Styles and Formatting Preview
  • Matrix Visualization 06:11
  • Tables and Metrics Practical Activity
  • Answers to Tables and Metrics
  • Practical Activity
  • Changing the Method of
  • Aggregation
  • Methods of Aggregation Challenge
  • Methods of Aggregation Challenge
  • Completed
  • Cards and Multi Row Cards
  • Cards, Matrix and Multi Row Card
  • Challenge
  • Answers to Cards Challenge
  • Percentage Calculations
  • Filtering Data -Using Slicers
  • Filtering Data -Visual Filters
  • Filtering Data -Page Filters
  • Filtering Data -Drill Through Filter
  • Practical Activity -Filters
  • Practical Activity Filters Completed

DAX Measures

  • Introduction to Measures Section
  • Introduction to DAX Measures
  • DAX Measures Practical Activity
  • DAX Measures Activity Completed
  • The =Calculate Formula


  • Relationships Section
  • Creating and Managing Relationships in Power BI
  • Relationship Calculations

Power BI Query Editor:

  • Introduction to Power BI Query
  • Editor
  • Basic Transformations -Part 1
  • Basic Transformations - Part 2
  • Aggregating Data

Graphs and Visualizations

  • Introduction to Visualization Section
  • Clustered Column Graphs
  • Stacked and 100% Graphs
  • Column Graph Challenge
  • Column Graph Challenge
  • Completed
  • Graph Options
  • Analysis Graphs
  • Area Graphs
  • Ribbon Graphs
  • Additional Graphs
  • Scatterplots and Bubble

Interactive Dashboards

  • Creating Interactive Dashboards
  • Challenge -Create an Interactive
  • Report
  • Completed Challenge -How to
  • Create an Interactive Report
  • Publishing Reports to the Power BI
  • Service
  • Pinning Visualizations to
  • Dashboards
  • Mobile Reports
  • Q and A
  • App Workspaces
  • Publishing an App
  • Using Themes in Power BI
  • Using Custom Visualizations

DAX Formula

  • DAX Formulas Section
  • DAX Formulas
  • Date Functions
  • Formatting Dates
  • Date Master Table
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