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Big Data Hadoop training in Mumbai and Pune

Big Data Hadoop training in Mumbai and Pune equips students to take on jobs as data analysts and data managers. With Hadoop you get a great framework to analyze large volumes of data with the help of parallel processing that speeds up the time take to analyze data. You get to analyze high latency data access across large files to help generate insights.

Big Data Training in Mumbai

Big data is a term to describe large volumes of data, either structured or unstructured that is collected by businesses every day. Data is collected because of sheer volume of transaction in a business and correspondence including social media in today's age. Data is created by sensors, messages, emails and all kinds of transactions and interactions. Big Data helps to make sense of the sheer size of this data collected on a daily basis to help businesses to give better customer experiences and increase sales. It also helps in reducing cost by making smart decisions.

Hadoop Training in Pune

Hadoop is a Java-based programming framework that is open source and supports the processing and storage of big data. It is part of Apache project that was sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation. With Hadoop, it is possible to handle thousands of terabytes of data. Hadoop has the ability to store and process huge amounts of information quickly. It has immense computing power and a high level of fault tolerance even in the face of hardware failure of a node. It is cost effective and can be easily scaled by increasing number of nodes.

You will learn how to harness the power of Hadoop in our Hadoop certification course. Our comprehensive Big Data Hadoop Training in Mumbai and Pune is designed by experienced teachers to give proper theory and practical advantage according to industry job standards and requirements. We provide in-depth teaching on Big Data and Hadoop Modules. Our Big Data Hadoop Certification course includes Hadoop Architecture, HBase, Map-Reduce, HIVE, HDFS, PIG, Sqoop, Spartk, BigInsights, Flume, Oozie, Administering Hadoop Cluster and much more into our course.

Techdata Solutions institute in Mumbai and Pune teach you everything about Hadoop right from the beginning to the very advanced level so that you can be efficient with your work in challenging situations.

Whom Is The Course Meant For?

  • Any Graduate or Post-Graduate student who is aspiring for a wonderful career towards the dynamic technologies
  • Corporate employees who are looking forward to implement latest technologies in their organization in order to meet the ongoing & forthcoming challenges of data management
  • Software Engineers who are into ETL/Programming and wish to explore the exciting job opportunities worldwide

Training Modes

At Techdata Solutions, we have proficient and experienced trainers who are well-capable of training the candidates using the following modes:

  • Weekend batch: The weekend batch would include one class per week. Each class would be of approximately 3 to 4 hours each and you could join either the Saturday or Sunday Hadoop training batch.
  • Online Hadoop Big Data Training: If you feel that you cannot attend the classroom training sessions, you could easily register for the online training. The biggest advantage of this is the fact that you can join our coursed while being in any corner of the world.
  • Fast track: These classes are held on a daily basis so that the trainees can complete their course quickly.
  • Corporate training: With this training, the course is customized according to your project requirements. Once you tell us your needs, we would train the employees of your organizations accordingly.

Statisticians and data miners who would like to develop statistical software and data analysis would also like to go through our R Language course that has been picking up a lot of popularity in recent years.

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